Megan joined the TMLC as a sales rep to increase bookings, and that relationship quickly developed into a more involved partnership due to her enthusiasm, knowledge, and record of success! We feel incredibly lucky to have Megan as a part of our team.

Molly MacDonald, The Mobile Locker Company


When I was first introduced to Megan Constantino of Parachute Partners I was taken by her energetic enthusiasm for her work in providing publicity and public relations. She was unapologetic in her preference for working with people who did work that was in some form of service to man and womankind.

Debra Lynn Alt, Author of “Each Moment We’re Alive”


Megan has a Midas touch. She’s a genius at spotting opportunities for — and coaching her clients to develop — fresh, fearless, hard-hitting content that gets snatched up by top outlets. If you want a publicist who’ll get the world’s influencers talking about your message, then Megan is the PR expert for you. But prepare yourself. You’ll get spoiled.

Allyson Baughman, Marketing Communications Specialist 


My business and personal life have been enriched since teaming up with Megan Constantino in a number of efforts to support entrepreneurs and thought leaders in their mission. Megan has become more than a business associate—we’ve found common ground in our values and approach to serving clients. Of many words that describe her, generosity is one of the top that comes to mind. She’s been generous not only to our mutual clients but to me personally as I build my own business, and I’ve observed her devotion and energetic efforts for those who retain her. She truly comes alongside and wants to jump in with you and I’m grateful to call her my friend as well as colleague.

Beth Beutler, HOPE Unlimited


When I need a PR boost, I look to Megan Constantino. She is on top of all the latest outlets that might need my expertise and she gets me in front of people – the right people – in meaningful ways that get me results. And Megan does it all with a smile, never letting on she hustled her face off to get me the opportunity. Looking forward to continued work with her in the future, and highly recommend her to anyone who is an expert who needs to get their message in front of more of the right people. 

Phil Gerbyshak


Megan is a rock star! She’s keenly aware of the needs of the industries she serves and does a masterful job of connecting people. She’s smart, personable, and extremely reliable. I greatly value our partnership and appreciate all the hard work she’s put in to help us better serve the ICMI community.  

Erica Strother, ICMI


I have not only worked with Megan over the years, but have relied on her in the strategy and implementation of our company’s marketing and communications.  She consistently over delivers on every undertaking and comes to a project with a passion that is rarely seen in the marketplace.  Megan has deep relationships in the industry and creatively leverages them to benefit her clients.  She is a one-of-a-kind! 

Michael Hurwitz, Careers In Government


I love working with Parachute Partners.  They have had a significant impact on my co-author’s and my research efforts, placing us in top tier media spreading awareness on all fronts. They understand the many facets of each source and can expertly deliver the best message to the right people at the right publications. We received more exposure thanks to the diligence and exceptional work from the Parachute Partners team.

Sheri Caldwell, HR Director


Working with Megan and the Parachute Partners team is among the best publicity partnerships I have. They are attentive to detail, efficient in their communication and always a pleasure to work with. I’m grateful to have their partnership. 

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Retail Minded


Megan pours energy, tenacity, and joy into every opportunity to serve and every relationship she builds. I’m constantly in awe of the impact Parachute Partners achieves through Megan’s enthusiasm and genuine commitment to her clients and colleagues.

Brian Sooy, Aespire Branding and Marketing Communications