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Megan and Frank

Frank and Megan were born with entrepreneurial spoons in their mouths. While most kids played shop, they were learning all the facets of running a successful business.

The couple rose through the corporate ranks, leading their respective markets, and winning national awards while doing consulting work on the side. As the demand for their expertise in marketing, public relations, and business development grew, the way forward became crystal clear: they knew it was time to jump. With more than three decades of experience combined in a wide variety of roles and sectors, Frank and Megan offer clients a powerhouse partnership through their boutique business acceleration firm, Parachute Partners.

In 2016, Parachute Parnters added Joshua D. Rollins as a publicist. Joshua, a former award-winning journalist and digital news editor, brought an extensive knowledge of the inner-workings of the media industry to the company.

Is it time for you to jump? Are you ready to build your brand, name, or dream? We jump with you! Visit our Services page to learn about our marketing, public relations and business acceleration options. We promise to provide the best work at a fair price, to help you make your jump a success.

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ParachutePartners_RBG_v2-01There comes a point when the call to leadership and entrepreneurship is so loud that you can’t silence it if you try. It is time. It is time to go out on your own, front and center, and be the “face” of your own company. There comes a moment though when you have to literally jump. You just do it. If you haven’t ever really jumped, you haven’t lived.

That is what makes our company special. We join you, fully committed to your success. Working directly with our clients, we help individuals, businesses, and brands grow. Through thorough strategy, implementation, and analytics, we provide the parachute and jump with you. We know the way. We help you navigate the noise. We will help minimize the stress and frustration, while quickly increasing your impact.

So have you ever jumped? Are you ready?

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Megan has more than a decade of experience building brands through marketing, public relations, and business acceleration strategies. She has been responsible for marketing and public relations for a host of organizations such as Mountain State University and YMCA of Southern West Virginia. Her portfolio of experience spans a range of industries including higher education, sports, non-profits, established corporations, and startups. She has an established track record in landing major dia coverage, and continues to build relationships with national and international media outlets. Her clients have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Women’s Health, Parade Magazine, BBC, as well as television shows such as The Steve Harvey Show. While Megan tends to gravitate towards traditional media work, she also enjoys creating success for clients in overall marketing campaigns that include social media strategy, advertising, branding, event planning, and product placement. More bells and whistles on Megan can be found on LinkedIn.


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More bells and whistles on Joshua can be found on his LinkedIn page.