So, here’s a little about us.

We exist to serve others. That may sound like a cliche, but for us, it’s just the way we are. 

We don’t like the spotlight. Don’t believe us? Well, this was the last page we decided to write for our website.
No, we don’t like the spotlight. Instead, we’d rather be the team behind the scenes who shines the light on the star of the show. That’s our clients.
While we may be based in Columbus, Ohio, we serve clients all across the United States. We take pleasure in serving them and helping them achieve their wildest dreams. Our clients aren’t just a paycheck. They’re real people who become family. 
We’ve always been the serving kind. Whether it’s teaching English in a village in Cambodia or putting together an event for a dog rescue, we want to help others. We enjoy seeing others find success. That’s where our joy comes from. 
We bring over a decade of experience in public relations and another decade of experience in journalism to provide our clients with a unique skillset at a fraction of the price.

Our Team.


Joshua D. Rollins

Chief Executive

Joshua brings more than 10 years of journalism experience to Parachute Partners. He was named CEO in late 2017.

 Joshua brings a relational leadership style to his work, connecting with both clients and media in a personal manner. An award-winning journalist and digital editor, Joshua knows how to tailor pitches that stand out in a sea of noise.

He is passionate about sports — unfortunately, Cleveland sports, traveling, music and his church.

Joshua and his wife Jen live in Columbus, Ohio with their Bichon-Yorkie, Frankie the P.R. Dog.


Megan Constantino

Lead Publicist

Working from her heart, Megan has more than a decade of experience in landing top media coverage in the news beats such as management, leadership, healthcare, higher education, and nonprofit work among others.

Having held leadership roles within all those realms personally, she understands the importance of your exposure via media. Constantino considers her clients a second family and her only measure of success is their success.

Megan and Frank live in St. Petersburg, Florida.